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Sunday Mass Live-Stream Available

Posted on Mar 31, 2020

We hope you will join us for our Celebration of the Paschal Triduum with Bishop Medley!

Our Triduum Liturgy Live-stream Schedule:
Holy Thursday – 6:00 pm
Good Friday – 3:00 pm
Holy Saturday – 6:00 pm

The stream can be accessed from a computer or mobile device on our Facebook page or at:
Please share this information with those whom you know may not be on Facebook. A person does NOT have to have a Facebook account to view the livestream.

Click here to view or print the worship guide for these three sacred days.  Additional materials for celebrating these days at home can be found at

Here are some additional ways to celebrate Spiritual Communion while attending a livestreamed Mass:

~Prepare a table with appropriate cover, candles, and crucifix. Put yourself in the presence of God and focus on the Celebration of the Eucharist.  ~Dress and participate as if you were there physically.  ~Observe the proper gestures of standing, sitting, and kneeling, as well as singing and reciting aloud the responses.  ~Turn off other devices and refrain from doing other household activities during this time.  ~Recite the Spiritual Communion Prayer during the time at which Communion would have taken place.

Diocesan Statements

Posted on Mar 14, 2020

Mass Suspended Across the Diocese of Owensboro:  Read the Bishop’s statement, listen to his video message, and access links here.


FREE Catholic Resource

Posted on Mar 8, 2019

Sign up today for No Code Needed!

Great news!

Join the many families who are taking advantage of this wonderful FREE resource for Catholic videos, audios, and ebooks–on demand, anytime or anywhere! Visit to get started! No code is needed; just log in and choose a password.

Grace Marriage Free Virtual Resources

Posted on Apr 2, 2020

Grace Marriage wants to serve your marriages and your families during these times of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. In an effort to help you draw closer to Jesus and to one another during this time, Grace Marriage is providing helpful lessons online weekly for the next month or so. The short video sessions are accompanied by worksheets each week. Please be intentional with this resource! Schedule 30-45 minutes a week of undistracted time as a couple to go through each lesson. Scheduling works much better than just ‘finding a time’!

April 6, 2020

Hello friends! 

We hope that the lesson we sent from Grace Marriage last week offered refreshment for you. Isn’t it wonderful that our spouse’s struggles don’t have to be the determining factor of how we treat them?  We can respond to their struggles with kindness and grace, as opposed to consequence and distance. Proactively loving and blessing one another reaps much more rewards than holding onto unforgiveness. During a time of isolation from other relationships that may fill us emotionally, let’s strive to fill our spouse’s tanks!

With the news and social media sharing so many negative updates from around the world, it’s important that we visit a lesson on gratitude.  This fun lesson will have you reflect on your marriage and look at all the things you would have never experienced, character traits you may have never developed, or even foods you may not have tried if it had not been for your spouse.  This should be a fun time of remembrance and celebration of the good things the Lord has done in your lives.  We hope this session of [email protected] is a bright spot of your day!

Watch  Week 2: “I Would Have Never” here:

Watch Week 1: “The Grace-Based Marriage” at

Or visit Grace Marriage’s Facebook page at They’ll be posting the videos on Thursday evenings during their Facebook Live. You can take part in the broader interaction there!

In His Matchless Grace, Brad & Marilyn Rhoads

[email protected]